At first you need to install Laravel in your server. Then you need to add your all assets file in public folder. I have already created a Folder with the name assets and paste all the resources css, images and js files.

Now I have created a folder with the name “layouts” in between the “views” folder. In layouts folder I have created a file with the name master.blade.php and paste all the home.html code.

Now in my HomepageController.php controller file, I need add this layouts master.blade.php file. For returning views I have write this function:
public function index()
$data['title'] = 'Home Page';
return view('layouts.master')->with($data);

All the home page content is added. Now I have linked images, js, css and others file from HTML template. If I have missed to add any files it will not connect with my laravel project.
Here you can give complete guideline for template mastering . This site vegibit also describe perfectly