The Complete Web Design Course for Beginners to Advanced Levels Real World Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & WordPress

Build your career as a Web Designer by learning HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, JavaScript and WordPress theme customization

  • All classes will be Online LIVE by using the ZOOM app.
  • Will guide you if any problem using Zoom App
  • All classes will be recorded for future practice (Only our students can assess)

What You will Learn

  • Create any responsive website layout

  • Learn how to create responsive forms and tables
  • Learn how to Bootstrap properly in your web pages

  • Learn how to use images and image mapping system
  • Setup domain name and hosting so that you will learn live website environment

  • WordPress Premium theme customization


  • No requirements as it is the course for beginners to advanced. But, you need to be a motivated handworker. We believe “Practice makes a man perfect”.


Right now it is proved that web design is a smart career. It will be an asset if you learn something new. New skills will make you confident for creating better future. It is a creative career. You have already heard lots of good things about freelancing. You can be a good freelance Web Designer after completing this course. Besides this, you can work in our local Web Design Company as a Fresher.

As it is a freelancing based course, I will Guide you for creating Profile in different Freelance Marketplace. I will give you some tips for winning job from my past experience. After completing the course, you will have a Good Portfolio website. I am willing to guide you for purchasing your first domain and hosting.

Who can attend this course

This course is for the people –

  • who want to start a Freelance Web Design Career.
  • Who has practiced Web Design as a hobby.
  • who want to learn the basics of Website design.
  • who don’t have any coding experience.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • What is html?
  • Why we will learn html?
  • Create Your first HTML File
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Creating Pages for Website Environment
  • Images
  • Audio File
  • Video Files
  • Background Images
  • Heading Text
  • Lists
  • Bold & Italic
  • Symbols
  • Special Characters
  • How to add different Link in an Image
  • Image Mapping Clear Ideas
  • Creating Navigation
  • Sections
  • HTML Comments
  • Using Div and Span
  • Forms
  • Creating Different type of Input field
  • How to maintain Form Responsiveness
  • How to create data table
  • How to maintain table responsiveness
  • How to use col span in table

Question and Answer Session with the students

  • What is CSS?
  • How to use CSS?
  • CSS Selectors
  • Content Layout with Floats
  • Form Styling
  • Styling Navigation
  • Image background and Transparent background by using CSS
  • How to Style Table
  • How to style Form
  • How to use Custom Font
  • Different Font Styling

Question and Answer Session with the students

What is Bootstrap?

How to use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap gird system

How to use Bootstrap classes

  • How to use Bootstrap Slider
  • How to use Bootstrap Form
  • How to use Bootstrap Layout
  • How to use Bootstrap Menu
  • Other details of bootstrap
  • How to use Flexbox for responsive grid

Question and Answer Session with the students

What is JavaScript

How to use JavaScript in HTML Code

  • JavaScript Output
  • JavaScript Statements
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • JavaScript Comments
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Array

  • JavaScript For Loop
  • JavaScript While Loop
  • JavaScript Switch

Question and Answer Session with the students

All Student will build individual Portfolio Site

  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Install Premium Theme & Plugins

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization

  • How to create Profile in Different Marketplace
  • How to apply
  • Client Management

Course Price & Duration

Offer Price for Covid 5000/= Taka Will Be 8000/= Taka

Three Month (30 to 40 Classes) with Two Slots

Sa - Mo - We