The Complete Web Design Course for Beginners to Advanced Levels Real World Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & WordPress

Build your career as a Web Designer by learning HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, JavaScript and WordPress theme customization

  • All classes will be Online LIVE by using the ZOOM app.
  • Will guide you if any problem using Zoom App
  • All classes will be recorded for future practice (Only our students can assess)

What You will Learn

  • Create any responsive website layout

  • Learn how to create responsive forms and tables
  • Learn how to Bootstrap properly in your web pages

  • Learn how to use images and image mapping system
  • Setup domain name and hosting so that you will learn live website environment

  • WordPress Premium theme customization


  • No requirements as it is the course for beginners to advanced. But, you need to be a motivated handworker. We believe “Practice makes a man perfect”.


Right now it is proved that web design is a smart career. It will be an asset if you learn something new. New skills will make you confident for creating better future. It is a creative career. You have already heard lots of good things about freelancing. You can be a good freelance Web Designer after completing this course. Besides this, you can work in our local Web Design Company as a Fresher.

As it is a freelancing based course, I will Guide you for creating Profile in different Freelance Marketplace. I will give you some tips for winning job from my past experience. After completing the course, you will have a Good Portfolio website. I am willing to guide you for purchasing your first domain and hosting.

Who can attend this course

This course is for the people –

  • who want to start a Freelance Web Design Career.
  • Who has practiced Web Design as a hobby.
  • who want to learn the basics of Website design.
  • who don’t have any coding experience.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • What is html?
  • Why we will learn html?
  • Create Your first HTML File
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Creating Pages for Website Environment
  • Images
  • Audio File
  • Video Files
  • Background Images
  • Heading Text
  • Lists
  • Bold & Italic
  • Symbols
  • Special Characters
  • How to add different Link in an Image
  • Image Mapping Clear Ideas
  • Creating Navigation
  • Sections
  • HTML Comments
  • Using Div and Span
  • Forms
  • Creating Different type of Input field
  • How to maintain Form Responsiveness
  • How to create data table
  • How to maintain table responsiveness
  • How to use col span in table

Question and Answer Session with the students

  • What is CSS?
  • How to use CSS?
  • CSS Selectors
  • Content Layout with Floats
  • Form Styling
  • Styling Navigation
  • Image background and Transparent background by using CSS
  • How to Style Table
  • How to style Form
  • How to use Custom Font
  • Different Font Styling

Question and Answer Session with the students

What is Bootstrap?

How to use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap gird system

How to use Bootstrap classes

  • How to use Bootstrap Slider
  • How to use Bootstrap Form
  • How to use Bootstrap Layout
  • How to use Bootstrap Menu
  • Other details of bootstrap
  • How to use Flexbox for responsive grid

Question and Answer Session with the students

What is JavaScript

How to use JavaScript in HTML Code

  • JavaScript Output
  • JavaScript Statements
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • JavaScript Comments
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Array

  • JavaScript For Loop
  • JavaScript While Loop
  • JavaScript Switch

Question and Answer Session with the students

All Student will build individual Portfolio Site

  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Install Premium Theme & Plugins

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization

  • How to create Profile in Different Marketplace
  • How to apply
  • Client Management

Course Price & Duration

Offer Price for Covid 5000/= Taka Will Be 8000/= Taka

Three Month (30 to 40 Classes) with Two Slots

Sa - Mo - We

Su - Tu - Th

How to Attend This Course


Md Forkan HossainA Top Rated Web Developer in Upwork | Trainer | Dreamer
I am Forkan Hossain, a full time Individual Web Application Developer in Upwork. I have excellent command in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP and MySQL. I have been working in Upwork from 2011 and currently I am working as a Web Design & Development Trainer in Saatrong Systems.

I have completed an Engineer’s degree, Web-Application Development using PHP & Framework (WDPF) from IDB BISEW. I have been teaching for 3+ Years. I also have excellent command in Content writing, Keyword Research, SEO and SMM for being a versatile Web Application Developer. I have a great team working with me.

Now my focus is on Teaching. It is my mission to bring you the best skill development training in the Web Design and Development category. Hopefully Together we will build a great future.