If you want to restore data from All in one migration WordPress Plugins Backup, you need to use pro version. If you don’t have pro version, you can replace these code from plugins backend.
Here is the process.

Need to go plugins>all-in-one-migration>lib>assets>javascript>backups.min.js file.

Go to 1701 lines. While I am writing this article, our targeted code is in lines between 1701 to 1716
Here is the code which we need to replace

// $(‘#ai1wm-backups-list’).on(‘click’, ‘.ai1wm-backup-restore’, function (e) {
// e.preventDefault();
// /* eslint-disable no-unused-vars */

// if (Ai1wm.MultisiteExtensionRestore) {
// var restore = new Ai1wm.MultisiteExtensionRestore($(this).data(‘archive’), $(this).data(‘size’));
// } else if (Ai1wm.UnlimitedExtensionRestore) {
// var _restore = new Ai1wm.UnlimitedExtensionRestore($(this).data(‘archive’), $(this).data(‘size’));
// } else if (Ai1wm.FreeExtensionRestore) {
// var _restore2 = new Ai1wm.FreeExtensionRestore($(this).data(‘archive’), $(this).data(‘size’));
// } else {
// var _restore3 = new Ai1wm.Restore($(this).data(‘archive’), $(this).data(‘size’));
// }
// /* eslint-enable no-unused-vars */

// });

New code will be this

$(‘#ai1wm-backups-list’).on(‘click’, ‘.ai1wm-backup-restore’, function (e) {
var modelimport = new Import();

var storage = Ai1wm.Util.random(12);
var options = Ai1wm.Util.form(‘#ai1wm-backups-form’).concat({ name: ‘storage’, value: storage }).concat({ name: ‘archive’, value: $(this).data(‘archive’) });

// Set global params

// Start import

After saving the file, now go to All in One WP Migration Backups and click Restore. Hopefully RESTORE button will work now and you can restore any backups from your database. Before restoring you should be careful what you are doing. Thank you for reading this article!