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10 Tips: How to Build a Great Quality Website from Scratch

Oct 10, 2022 | Web Design | 0 comments

First, you need to make an excellent plan for your content. You can do some research on your competitors’ websites. You have a good chance of winning the project if you can do something more amazing than your competitor. Otherwise, it can be difficult to survive with your online presence.

1. Make a plan:

Before starting any project, we naturally make a plan, and it is really simple thinking. But, without proper planning, your project could be unsuccessful. On the other hand, making a project plan if we waste so much time will not be fair. So, I prefer to make a simple plan and start your project. Day by day, it will become a greater project. The start is the main thing in my eyes. Then maintain consistency to update your project.

2. Do keyword research:

In your niche, you need to select long-trial keywords that can be effective for focusing your content. There are a few good-quality keyword research tools. You can search for them on Google. High-volume search keywords have huge competition. So, your content has to be unique, organic, informative, and user-friendly.

3. Write SEO-friendly content:

SEO-friendly content is more important than anything else. If your content is not SEO-friendly or unique, then all your efforts could be wasted. Before starting any web project, you have to think about your website content, images, and keywords. I will give proper SEO-friendly content 60% marks for your project. It is really more important than anything else. Without great quality SEO-friendly content, you will not get good results in search engines. So, do excellent keyword research and write SEO-friendly content to make your project better day by day.

4. Build a user-friendly, eye-catching PSD:

If you have content, images, and keywords, now you can move to build an eye-catching PSD design for your project. PSD designers shouldn’t make too complicated designs. They should have to make a clean, user-friendly, and easy-to-use design. To ensure proper alignment! If a PSD designer knows HTML and CSS, that can be good for converting HTML.

5. Correctly convert PSD to Web version:

After completing the PSD design, you have to focus on converting the web version. A top-tier web developer understands how to convert pixel-perfect designs. Because of having a PSD design, it will be pretty helpful for the developer to convert the web version perfectly and very quickly. As a professional web developer, you can contact me for any consulting and suggestions. I am always available to help. If you need it, you can purchase my gig on Fiverr to convert PSD to WordPress very easily. It can be a much more top-class design than your budget allows.

6. Take care of fast loading speed:

Website speed is really important for running a project successfully. It is directly linked to increased conversion. Web developers should take care of website speed. There are a few good tools to check website speed. You can search Google for website speed checkers. If you need any help speeding up your website, you can send me an email or give me a message.

7. Responsive design for all devices:

Recently, Google has updated its policy and if your website doesn’t maintain responsive issues, you will not get a good ranking in search engines. A responsive design means your website will be good for the desktop version, tablet version, and mobile version. You can test it online or send me your website URL to test responsiveness.

8. Take feedback from the customers:

Your users are the main focus of your website. So, before making anything, you have to think about your users’ benefit. If you benefit from your work or services, that will be your main achievement. It would be good if you asked them about your website’s user ability or user-friendliness.

9. Update the website regularly:

Why do your visitors repeatedly visit your website if you build it once and never update it? If you want to visit them regularly, you have to update your content regularly. You can offer them through your website. It would be good if you had news or blog sections for regular content publishing.

10. Use a good quality hosting service:

A good quality web host has a few good features. They will offer it several times a year or in a monthly package. You can search Google for your desired hosting plan. If you need consultancy, you can send me a message for this service too. I will help you select your perfect hosting plan after hearing about your business plan.

If you need any help building a great quality website from scratch, I am always available to help you. You can find me through the Freelance Marketplace, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru or email me. I will reply to you immediately or give me a message through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thanks for being with me!



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